Public Private Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships.

A Shared Sense of Purpose.

Developing the 21st Century workforce requires alignment among industry, government, education, and community-based organizations. We work alongside these entities to form strategic partnerships that collaborate to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to fill today’s jobs. TPMA assists in identifying the right partners, making strategic connections, and building initiatives that address workforce needs.

Here's how we help.

Conversation Starters

Convening disparate organizations and leaders to discuss common needs, plans, and goals

Creating Partnerships

Establishing agile and responsive partnerships to meet businesses’ hiring needs and address skill gaps.


Foster collaboration among economic and workforce development, education, and training partners to jointly plan the economic future of a region.

TPMA ensures that business leaders drive partnerships, retaining ownership of the vision and action plan throughout the planning and implementation process.

We speak the language of education, workforce development, economic development, and business, and establish alliances among partners who can align strategies to increase their impact on regional goals. At local and regional levels, TPMA possesses the unique ability to link networks and enhance relationships, thereby leveraging collective assets and resources for common goals.

Fully Integrate a Demand Driven Approach

We have staffed public private partnerships directly and provided technical assistance to states and regions in order to convene the necessary employers and stakeholders, raise sufficient resources through employer support and grants to provide resources for implementation, and fully integrate a demand- driven approach for the workforce system that:

Actively analyzes

labor market intelligence to assess ever-changing economic landscapes

Works hand-in-hand

with companies to identify workforce needs, skills gaps, and other services


a broad spectrum of employer needs

Works with partners

to connect employers and job seekers with other services