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We are celebrating #NationalApprenticeshipWeek2023 with our clients and partners nationwide! Download our latest apprenticeship toolkit for best practices and tools to help you with action planing and implemenation. Download the Toolkit here!  

Unleashing Indiana’s Engineering & Technical Talent Potential: Analyzing the Talent Supply for Semiconductor & Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturers

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and the urgent need for sustainable solutions, the semiconductor and electric vehicle (EV) battery industries have emerged as critical drivers of economic growth and environmental stewardship. Indiana, with its...

Empowering High School Students to Power the Workforce: Work-Based Learning is Here to Stay

In a time where demand for workers is uncharacteristically high while unemployment hit its lowest point since 1969, strategies to equip high school students with the skills and knowledge for in demand careers has never been more critical. Across the United States,...

Why Local Economic Development Organizations Should Track Resident Retention Data

At a Glance Regions are investing heavily in talent attraction efforts. However, to sustain economic growth brought on by talent attraction efforts, it is a worthwhile pursuit for economic developers and community leaders to consider talent retention strategies. New...

Childcare, the Workforce, and the Economy: Connecting the Dots

We hear it often—the weight of expensive and inaccessible childcare on working families with young children. What we haven’t discussed enough is the overall impact this challenge has on the U.S. economy… until now. Without a doubt, affordable and available childcare...

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