Economic + Community Development

Beyond Traditional Economic Planning.

At TPMA, we inspire cities, regions, and states to realize their economic vision and take control of their economic futures using multidisciplinary consulting strategies and approaches.

Every community strives to create an environment where businesses can succeed and people can thrive. Using a multi-faceted research approach, we analyze the landscape to identify strengths and opportunities. Fueled by these insights, our combination of economic development and workforce expertise uniquely positions us to create plans that holistically address economic needs. We also leverage our team’s practical expertise to support clients in implementing these plans to drive economic growth.

Experienced in Communities of All Sizes.

TPMA has worked in communities of all sizes from Los Angeles, California to Cumberland, Indiana. Our experience in unique locations such as Greenville, South Carolina; Moscow, Idaho; Detroit, Michigan; and Dearborn, Indiana has developed our ability to conduct research, design recommendations, and tailor strategies in communities of varying size across the United States. Have questions?