Housing Studies

Housing Studies–Vital to Economic Growth.

Housing matters to economic development—it enhances economic performance and place competitiveness. Performing a housing study will help your community determine the total demand, the type of housing that’s needed, and the ideal price point for the market.

TPMA has experience working with communities across the United States to develop actionable implementation plans for the development of both affordable and market rate housing. Our consultants bring experience working directly with communities, developers, and residents to find optimal housing solutions to respond to community housing needs. In addition, we have experience in securing the necessary funding streams to support recommendations to close the financial gap for recommended policies.

Here's how we help.

  • UIdentify the housing needs of the community
  • PAnalyze housing data and consider projections for demand
  • Engage the right stakeholders to inform the process
  • Understand the current housing ecosystem
  • Obtain buy-in, increase collaboration, and build capacity
  • UReview best practices and case studies of creative solutions
  • Develop customized housing strategies to preserve current housing stock, develop new housing, revise housing policies, and support programs.
  • Implement an intentional action plan, backed by partners, tools, potential funding sources, and metrics to evaluate outcomes