Applied Research and Policy

Top Notch Research + Analysis.

TPMA specializes in custom methodologies that combine quantitative and qualitative insights into tangible analysis. We employ a wide array of data sets and sources to paint a comprehensive picture of talent, market trends, and demographic characteristics of our clients’ communities. We design our deliverables to provide the right amount of data in easy-to-understand formats that highlight key findings linked to policy recommendations and actions

More than 1,100 industries across 3,000+ U.S. counties.

    Our experts have the capability to examine workforce requirements, supply relationships, economic impacts, and company targets for more than 1,100 industries across 3,000+ U.S. counties. We have a tailored process to catalog the unique strengths and capacities of organizations, institutions, initiatives, and leaders within a geographical area, providing a comprehensive profile of what is available to build upon.

    We offer a large breadth of applied research and policy capabilities that reflect both current and emerging to our clients. We draw from a variety of these skills in a carefully calibrated fashion to be aligned with the needs of our clients, effectively ensuring that we provide a product of the highest quality.