Childcare + Early Learning

Understand + Address the Childcare Crisis.

Understanding the economic impact of childcare in a region is critical to approaching the problem. Studies have shown that the annual economic damage of the childcare crisis in the United States is more than $120 billion when accounting for lost earnings, productivity, and revenue. That number continues to rise, up from $57 billion just a few years ago.

At TPMA, we understand the importance of childcare and how it is truly an infrastructure issue for economic development. We are working with clients across the United States to support research and planning efforts to inform and design solutions for childcare and early learning. This includes regional planning districts, regional coalitions, economic development organizations, foundations, and workforce development organizations.

Here's how we help.

Economic and Community Impact Studies

We have built a customized methodology to estimate the number of parents who would go back to work if adequate childcare and early learning options were available. Additionally, we estimate the impact on tax revenue.

Early Learning Coalition Building

We work with existing coalitions to address childcare and early learning challenges and opportunities in communities. This includes asset mapping, outlining best practices, and developing an action plan for a collaborative approach.

State of the Childcare Workforce

We estimate the size of the current and projected workforce in childcare and early learning with quantitative analysis. Additionally, we review current education and training programs and develop programmatic recommendations, career pathways, and work-based learning opportunities to address workforce challenges.