Allegany County Emerges as Top Mid-Atlantic Region

Allegany County

Allegany County is in the Western Maryland panhandle in the Ridge-and-Valley Country of the Appalachian Mountains, with a population of nearly 70,000 residents. In addition to an exceptional quality of life for residents, the county is an exciting visitor destination with scenic outdoor recreation opportunities, heritage, arts, and culture.

In 2019, Allegany leadership set out to position the County as an emerging location within the Mid-Atlantic region for business investment and relocation – just a 2-hour drive from the major metro areas of Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Pittsburgh.

Aligning, Attracting, Growing, and Investing

TPMA led an economic development strategic planning process that included a deep dive into demographic, industry, housing, retail, and tourism data. This research was complemented by a robust community engagement process that included focus groups, town hall-style meetings, and working sessions with a steering committee to refine goals and strategies. The final economic development plan focused on four key goals that were complemented by twelve working strategies that outlined a comprehensive action and implementation plan.

  • aligning regional economic development partners tostrengthen traditional business development activities,
  • attracting and retaining a skilled workforce,
  • growing the County’s position as a tourismdestination, and
  • investing in infrastructure and housing development.


As part of infrastructure and housing development goals, the City of Frostburg acquired 8 properties over a 2 -year period. With help from state and county funds, these properties were demolished and re-developed as mixed-use commercial/residential properties creating mutually beneficial outcomes for small business and the town’s flagship Frostburg State University.

Downtown development has spurred further investment in the mixed-use corridor including a streetscape renovation and major renovations to the historic McMullen building. The project was awarded funding as part of the Invest Allegany County grant program to develop modern housing and commercial space. The grant program was developed to fuel adaptive reuse projects and revitalize the County’s architectural landscape.

The County has attracted a number of new businesses that are bringing jobs to the region. The county’s story of transition and growth has attracted a collection of companies that are committed to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, fueling a circular economy, and creating lasting impact. New businesses include Energy Select LLC, Nexus W2V, Burgmeier Hauling, Geocycle, Berkeley Springs Instruments, and newly announced (2023) Organic Remedies who projects approximately 75 new living-wage jobs in 2024.