Charlotte NC: TPMA today announced it has partnered with the City of Charlotte as their strategic consultant to lead a comprehensive assessment and implementation plan for the local small business ecosystem. This is an important milestone for the city as it takes new steps to better understand contemporary challenges, opportunities, and key factors affecting entrepreneurs operating in the Queen City.  

“Cultivating a thriving small business ecosystem is not just about economics; it’s about empowering dreams, fostering innovation, and celebrating diversity. We’re honored and excited to assist Charlotte with this important endeavor. Throughout this process we will remain committed to helping city leadership create an environment where every small business can flourish and enhance the vibrancy and economic vitality across this great city” says Brett Wiler, Senior Director of Economic Development and Strategic Planning at TPMA who is leading the initiative. 

Vernetta Mitchell, a Charlotte resident and longtime advocate of local minority and women-owned businesses commented

“Understanding and addressing the needs of small business is vital to the Charlotte economy. Small businesses create jobs which increase the wealth and prosperity of our residents.” She is supporting the scope of work alongside TPMA. 

In April of 2023, the Charlotte City Council approved funding from the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund showing continued commitment to supporting the growth and success of local small businesses. The city is eager to gain insights into the current landscape that will inform future strategies, programs, and resources to empower and strengthen the entrepreneurial community. 

The assessment is already underway and includes a robust methodology to hear directly from local business owners, identify gaps in services, opportunities, and capital resources, outline possibilities to provide support for growth and sustainability, and ultimately develop an actionable implementation plan that creates more opportunities for the small business community. The assessment will conclude next year in June.