Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas: Thomas P. Miller & Associates (TPMA) today announced it’s partnership with the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Corporation (LRGVDC) as their strategic consultant to prepare a regional recovery and endurance plan with a focus on economic development, regional workforce, and long-term resiliency.

The plan will prioritize economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic by examining regional data, reviewing local strategies, and engaging key stakeholders to identify economic priority areas for a long-term resiliency strategy.

“Communities must be prepared to tackle the problems of modern economic development by creating an economic base that is resilient to many different forms of disruptions.  Lower Rio Grande Valley understands that the key to future economic diversification and resilience is built on plans and strategies that involves qualitative and quantitative data to create a complete vision for the region” says Darrell Booker, TPMA Consultant leading the project.

The plan will cover three (3) counties in Texas including Hidalgo, Cameron, and Wilacy. This area is defined as the Lower Rio Grande Valley and is located in the southernmost tip of South Texas, bordering Northern Mexico. The region is in a river delta, trademarked by a strong agricultural history and frequent flooding, making environmental resiliency a key consideration for a robust economic plan.

“The economic resiliency plan is needed to address short-term and long-term economic development impacts and aid in the economic recovery for future pandemics and disasters. This plan will serve as a path for regional recovery and a guide to prepare for and sustain future economic pandemic, disasters, and recoveries.” – Rick Carrera, Director of Community and Economic Development, LRGVDC

Building on 30 years of national consulting experience, TPMA brings a unique approach to economic development and community resiliency including placing a high value on economic diversity, quality of place, resource alignment, and overall community vibrancy. The firm’s data analysis is driven by research and community engagement, allowing the team to craft custom, comprehensive strategies to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Additional information can be found at www.tpma-inc.com.