A system with many silos also has many plans, but the ‘intent’ of WIOA has encouraged stakeholders in the talent development ecosystem to play in the sandbox and play nicely! As the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) is ending its first four-year State Plan cycle, states have started to work on its new unified or combined state plan for submission by Spring 2020.  

At this point, talent development ecosystem stakeholders across the country are saying the same thing. Partners and programs have come to the table and have a common vision. Now what?  

TPMA has the ultimate solution for you, plan as a system, as a region, as a state, to deploy some of the best practices you know exist in your areas. Take your strategies to scale in a transformational way, with the buy in of crucial players from the get-go. Eliminate the silos that exist within your ecosystem and enhance what you are already doing with one vision, mission and unified plan.  

TPMA is eager to partner with you. As WIOA subject matter experts, TPMA staff have worked with multiple states and regions on planning and technical assistance efforts across the country including Colorado, District of Columbia, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Oregon, and South Carolina. Additionally, we have detailed knowledge of the Perkins V legislation that was reauthorized in 2018. This may present an opportunity to work on implementing activities within your region or local area that support your state level goals. We help clients think outside the box to ensure that their operations are supporting system-wide strategic vision, goals, and collaborative partnerships.  

Our approach begins with the understanding that this planning process is an opportunity to foster meaningful collaboration and to overcome duplication of efforts. As partners in the planning process, we will: 

  • Help you identify how you can align your local and regional plans with your overall state plan 
  • Coordinate partners to create or update a cohesive vision and set of goals for your local area, region, or state 
  • Work with you to figure how to implement the projects and goals identified in your plan 
  • Help agencies connect with stakeholders within your region or area collate input and feedback into how the talent development ecosystem can implement impactful strategies and align efforts with other plans 
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy so you can function as an effective stakeholder in the talent development ecosystem to cultivate consistent service delivery 
  • Develop and support professional development activities for stakeholders in your talent development ecosystem 

Contact us today at info@tpma.com to learn how TPMA can partner with you to fully leverage your planning process.