Openness to new ideas brings prosperity.

Pottstown, Pennsylvania, is remarkably foresighted. The borough, which is a 45-minute drive from Philadelphia, lost its bread-and-butter steelmaking industry decades ago. Today Pottstown relies heavily on its health and education services as well as residents commuting long distances to jobs in a regional life sciences cluster.

Knowing that its future rests on innovation, cooperation and hard work, Pottstown has enlisted guidance from Urban Land Institute four times in the past couple of decades.

Mike Higbee, a vice president at Thomas P. Miller & Associates, was asked by ULI to lead the fourth Advisory Services Panel in October. As is the case with any of the Advisory Services Panels hosted by ULI around the world, Mike was joined by experts in such disciplines as land use, business, economics, assessment and community engagement. The professionals gave Pottstown leaders a lot to think about.

A number of catalyst projects were identified intended to revitalize Pottstown’s historic central business district and help it to better fulfill its role as a regional economic hub. In addition, fully leveraging its education assets including Montgomery County Community College and the high school’s top-flight vocational education facilities was recommended. Finally, centralizing and growing the capacity of the local economic development corporation was felt to be critical to continued growth.

It was the 12th time Mike participated in a ULI Panel, and several other TPMA staff have helped communities through ULI.

Leaders like those in Pottstown who are open to ideas of outsiders have a leg up on the future. Thomas P. Miller & Associates recommended a ULI Panel to leaders near the Mount Comfort Corridor near Indianapolis over a year ago.

Thomas P. Miller & Associates believes in collaborating with organizations like ULI when there is a clear value-add to its clients. Our expertise in workforce innovation and implementing economic development solutions often complements the work of our partners.

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