A new review of leading Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs around the United States shows that one of the best is in Indiana. The review by Thomas P. Miller & Associates found that Vincennes University, a TPMA client with a home campus in its namesake city, excels at ensuring its credits are widely transferrable to other universities. Vincennes students also overwhelmingly complete their programs quickly and inexpensively, and can earn stackable credentials at each of the university’s locations around the state.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) combines technical training and academic skills that prepare students for jobs and additional education should they choose to pursue higher degrees. Many students begin CTE programs as high school freshmen and are prepared for careers within a year of graduating high school.

Students in recent years have flocked to CTE tracks to minimize costs of post-secondary education and increase odds of employment. Enrollment in Vincennes University’s Career and Technical Early College program more than doubled, from 7,450 to 15,344 students, between the academic years ending in 2017 and 2018.

Employers are pouring resources into CTE to attract technologically literate employees who can replace retiring baby boomers.

The programs are particularly effective in helping minority, economically disadvantaged and first-generation college students complete their educations.

The TPMA review compared VU to similar programs in Colorado, Georgia, New York, and Tennessee. Vincennes students completed their programs in four or five years versus five or six years for the other programs, and New York did not enable in-state transferability of credit or offer training in multiple industries. Otherwise, the programs were similar.

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