It is Workforce Development Month and what did TPMA do to celebrate? Participate, participate, participate. Recognizing the importance of workforce development, specifically the crucial role of federal investments, and its most precious resource, workforce development professionals, Workforce Development Month brings about much needed awareness of the ecosystem. In true “carpe diem” fashion, TPMA saw the value in taking part in the festivities of the month because workforce and economic development is certainly at the heart of what we do every day.

TPMA participated in three major events convening workforce and economic development stakeholders across the country: The Florida Workforce Development Professional Summit and Maryland’s Raising The Bar Conference as sponsors, and the Southeastern Employment and Training Association’s Fall Conference. The TPMA team strategically immersed themselves and engaged participants at these events. The purpose? To gain real time understanding of current workforce opportunities so we are poised to provide solutions that are realistic, customized and implementable. In addition, we listened to the experts out there and collated best practices from around the country for us to share with our clients and teams. After all, our goal is to provide you with innovative ways to approach your workforce issues and what better way to learn of best practices than to network with and learn from key stakeholders who are successfully implementing these strategies?

At TPMA, we believe in a world that thinks strategically, works collaboratively, and acts sustainably. This philosophy is essential to the success of a truly seamless workforce development ecosystem. We are out there every day, your “boots on the ground” team, your workforce and economic development “concierge” ready to turn your workforce problems into opportunities. So if you have a workforce question and/or just want to chat about workforce, please reach out to Tony Waterson so we can bring you tried and tested strategies that will work for you and your network.