Leaders of rural areas carry remarkable databases of people and organizations in their minds. If someone makes society function, the leaders seem to know about them.

Yet, useful as they are, memories only go so far. Thomas P. Miller & Associates has discovered through many years of working with rural leaders that even the most knowledgeable are not aware of all their local resources. Leaders in the smallest communities are regularly surprised to learn about key people and groups carrying out imaginative, effective work. The reality is that communities are so complex that no one can be aware of everything.

Are you considering a small-business development project? An initiative to build your workforce? A great way to make the most of your resources is to conduct an asset-mapping study.

Asset mapping determines the physical, intellectual, industrial and institutional assets within a geographic area. The exercise leverages the “wisdom of the crowd” to catalogue all resources and partners who are willing and able to work together.

Thomas P. Miller & Associates starts by collecting all existing lists and resources. We then meet and communicate with existing providers to learn about assets that are not well known or utilized. The process shows strengths in talent and services as well as gaps and potential duplication or competition.

We go beyond lists and spreadsheets to develop flow charts, geographic information systems and other visual aids to help clients organize the information. Our analyses are easy to understand and use.

Many communities are thriving as a result of TPMA asset mapping. Contact us to learn how we can help your next project succeed.