Grants are often the life blood of innovation and service. Many an initiative and pilot project has sprung to life from well-timed funding infusions, and countless people enjoy better lives as a result.

Excellence in using grants can be traced to the mindset of the leader. Effective leaders of government, nonprofits and other organizations tend to be deliberate, long-term thinkers. They have a goal in mind and view an initial grant application as part of a larger, strategic plan that will lead to a consistent funding stream. Planned well, one grant can lead to creation of sustainable programming, all the while building toward the goal.

These leaders develop relationships with funding organizations, and consistently communicate their goals and how the funder can fit into the goals. The relationship benefits both parties. Funding sources want to be associated with success and ensure their resources are put to good use.

The United States is awash in potential for leaders who want to do great things with grants. Foundations gave nearly $67 billion in 2017, according to the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University. And the resources continue to pour in. In 2017, for the first time, giving to charitable causes topped $400 million in a single year.

Many leaders have asked TPMA for help in reaching their goals. We can assist at any stage of the process, from formulating goals and strategy to writing grant requests and guiding the plans as they are implemented.

Whether you are new to fundraising or want to take your established organization to a new level, TPMA is ready with expert strategists and grant writers.