The Building Pathways to Infrastructure Jobs Grant will train job seekers in advanced manufacturing, information technology, and technical services occupations that support renewable energy, transportation, and broadband infrastructure sectors.

This opportunity aims to promote inclusive engagement and expansion of worker-focused training programs, with a particular emphasis on those catering to rural areas, smaller communities, and historically marginalized or underrepresented populations.

The grant prioritizes 3 key components:

  1. strategies for ensuring diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility;
  2. career pathways that lead to middle- to high-skilled employment; and
  3. worker-centered sector strategies.

    At TPMA, our approach to problem solving is rooted in design thinking, fueled by stakeholder engagement, and geared toward advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. We translate complex data into actionable strategies, helping communities, their institutions, and their people thrive.

    Our workforce experts are eager to collaborate on this important opportunity.  If you are interested in learning more, feel free to schedule time with us here!