TPMA, on behalf of Workforce Innovations, Inc. (WFI) is seeking “blind” quotes/bids for limited Employer of Record (EOR) services for temporary work experience Interns assigned to various worksites (governmental, schools, non-profits, and for-profit companies) in the counties of Chester, Decatur, Hardeman, Hardin, Haywood, Henderson, McNairy, and Madison in Southwest Tennessee. The goal of the federal/state funded program is to provide Interns with meaningful work experience which is consistent with their capabilities and interests to assist them in obtaining future unsubsidized employment. While WFI is equipped to handle the bulk of employment related responsibilities, they are seeking to contract with an entity to provide the remainder of Employer of Record services as outlined below in the RFP.


RFQ Release April 17, 2024
Deadline for Bidder Questions April 29, 2024
Response to Bidder Questions Posted May 3, 2024
Proposal Deadline (email only) May 24, 2023
LWDB Approval June 6, 2024
Notification to All Bidders June 8, 2024
Contract Begin Date July 1, 2024*

To download the RFP, click here. To download responses to Q/A, click here.

Also here is an example of the information that WFI reviews with interns, the Youth Work Experience Handbook, to prepare them for a successful work experience. Please note WFI discusses everything from how to dress for an interview to child labor laws to attendance to termination and everything in between!  Once a new Employer of Record is selected, we will be updating this and other handbooks to reflect new time reporting, payroll and other relevant information. For more information contact