Research and Analysis

We know that reliable, timely information strengthens a region’s overall competitiveness and provides the tools needed to make educated resource allocation decisions. TPMA offers a comprehensive range of customizable research services, based on international best practices, to meet the data demands of our clients and their constituencies.

On-site engagement

By working closely with our clients on-site, we gather qualitative data and first-hand insights that do not appear in traditional data sets. We utilize a variety of techniques and approaches including interviews, input sessions, and community-wide forums to understand assets, challenges, and opportunities for our clients.

Asset mapping

We catalogue the unique strengths and capacities of organizations, institutions, initiatives, and other resources within a geographical area. This provides a comprehensive profile of what is currently available for clients to build upon.

Labor Market, Cluster, and Industry Analysis

Successful strategies begin with a thorough understanding of the drivers of a community’s workforce and economic conditions. We examine workforce requirements, supply relationships, economic impacts, and company targets for more than 1,100 industries across 3,000+ U.S. counties. While many firms focus solely on creating ‘bubble charts’ and citing location quotients, we work to create a talent development network for each cluster, examining workforce and supply relationships and linking employers with education, economic development, and workforce development partners.


We take labor market information a step further, validating public and proprietary data with input from local employers themselves through surveys. This informs our clients with real-time information on the true magnitude of their needs as well as feedback regarding potential strategies and recommendations.

“The team of analysts from Thomas Miller and Associates did an outstanding job compiling data, files and reports, interviewing stakeholders and providing expert analysis and perspective to the impact and accomplishments of the Purdue Research Park on its communities and the state as a whole.

The team worked very well with our staff and leadership as they quantifiably measured the Park’s impact in both traditional and new economy development standards. The team also worked with our staff to help roll out an outreach plan, one that ultimately received widespread coverage in not only the news media in Indiana but in among specialized publications that focus on economic development, incubators, and the new economy.

As the Park Network approaches its 50th year of existence, the many detailed and thoughtful perspectives gleaned from the work of Thomas P. Miller and Associates in their study were most appropriate. On behalf of the Purdue Foundation, we are very pleased with their work and accomplishments and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Joe Hornett President, Purdue Research Foundation

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