Our Approach

As a partner to our economic development, workforce development, and education clients, TPMA does not view projects as solely research and analysis or a strategic planning exercise. Each project consists of three activities:


We collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data to understand current activities and historical trends to inform the planning process.


We review current assets, challenges, and opportunities to determine objectives with measurable goals and defined action items.


We build internal consensus around the plan and  identify and pursue resources to support implementation.

Our Services

Research and Analysis

  • On-site engagement
  • Asset mapping
  • Labor Market, Cluster, and Industry Analysis
  • Surveys

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Strategic Planning

  • Organization Strategic Planning
  • Partnerships and Coalition Development

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Grant Strategies

  • Grant Strategy and Resource Identification

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Program Design and Evaluation

  • Recommendations-focused implementation evaluation
  • Context-based program design
  • Active support for continuous improvement

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Executive Outsourcing

  • Executive Outsourcing and Project Management

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Professional Development

  • Professional Development and Training Services

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Impact and Feasibility

  • Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Budget and Revenue Analysis and Modeling
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Return on Investment Analysis

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Healthcare Services

  • State and community health needs assessments
  • Assessment, strategic planning and process optimization
  • Strategy implementation
  • Program Evaluation

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