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What does evaluation mean?

It can mean a lot of different things to different people. Put simply, this is how organizations understand if their programs are working. Using interconnected processes such as data collection, analysis, and stakeholder engagement, a comprehensive assessment lays the foundation for stronger programs and communities.

Whether you are looking for additional resources, continued programming, or continuous improvement, TPMA’s nationally-recognized evaluation team brings together interdisciplinary backgrounds and practitioner experience to deliver a usable and actionable analysis.

“TPMA also demonstrated the ability to present complex information in creative ways that facilitates the exchange of ideas across varied stakeholder groups. The working dynamic established with TPMA was one of mutual respect that enabled the free sharing of ideas and information so critical to rendering the evaluation of a complex program achievable and gratifying.”

— Marie Murphy, Cape Cod Community College



Qualitative Evaluation

Implementation // Developmental // Fidelity // Continuous Improvement

Data Collection Tool Design

Data Tracking Strategies // Rubric Design // Intake Forms // Pre- & Post-Tests

Community Based Research

Community Needs Assessments // Asset Mapping // Special Population Studies // Service Gap Analysis

Quantitative Evaluation

Outputs // Outcomes // Impact Analyses // Quasi-Experimental Designs // Experimental Designs // Cost Analyses

Survey Design & Analysis

Distribution Management // Outreach & Marketing // Customer & Employee Satisfaction // Service & Program Assessment // Market Research

Evaluation & Data Collection Technical Assistance

Virtual & In-Person Training Series // One-on-One Coaching

Evaluation Planning

Logic Modeling // Theory of Change // Evaluation Design & Methodology // Research Question Identification // Stakeholder Engagement

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