Transylvania County has hired consulting firm TPMA to begin the creation of a comprehensive housing study that will help identify community housing gaps, needs and barriers.

County staff will work with TPMA to align the activities of this study with other current planning efforts, according to a county news release. TPMA will work with county staff to perform economic research and analyses, conduct key stakeholder and community engagement, and suggest recommendations.

“Our community is well aware of the housing challenges that our county faces, specifically to serve our workforce, and those challenges exist from county line to county line,” said Transylvania County Manager Jaime Laughter in a news release. “This plan will facilitate a unified approach by identifying strategies that address the complex root causes of our housing supply deficit.”

Melanie Thompson, TPMA’s senior housing consultant and project lead, said the county is fully dedicated to addressing the community’s urgent housing needs by involving local stakeholders and citizens in this partnership.

“Through community engagement facilitated by TPMA, we aim to capture diverse perspectives, needs and desires of residents, coupled with data analysis, to develop a strategic comprehensive housing study,” Thompson said. “This collaborative effort will pave the way for housing solutions that cater to the needs of all.”

For more information on this initiative, contact Transylvania County Planning & Community Development at or call (828) 884-3205.

Source: The Transylvania Times