The new policy guidance encourages the use and expansion of CPL across the state

(INDIANAPOLIS) – The Indiana Commission for Higher Education announced today Indiana’s first statewide policy guidance for credit for prior learning (CPL). The state CPL model policy guidance supports the utilization of CPL across Indiana’s higher education institutions.

In Indiana, nearly 2 million adults do not have a credential beyond a high school diploma, and nearly 40 percent of those ages 25 and above have some college, but no degree. Through awarding credit for college-level learning gained through knowledge, skills, and competencies earned outside of a formal classroom setting, CPL helps Hoosier adults further their education and training beyond high school.

Research from the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) and the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) show that adult students who receive CPL are more likely to complete their credentials, saving $1,500 to $10,200 on tuition and 9 to 14 months on earning a degree or credential.

“The utilization of credit for prior learning is a critical component of the Commission’s HOPE Agenda, not only benefiting the individual, but also the state,” said Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education Chris Lowery. “By honoring the acquired skills and previous experiences of adult learners, CPL supports educational attainment, talent attraction and retention, and the broadening of Indiana’s higher education ecosystem. We are thankful to our public higher education institutions for their participation in the development of the statewide program and model policy guidance.”

The implementation of the model policy guidance is the result of three targeted task force working groups comprised of 75 participants from higher education, workforce development, and community partners, with support from CAEL and TPMA, a consulting agency. The focus of the working groups included the development of the statewide CPL model policy guidance, data collection guidelines, and a new CPL Clearinghouse concept.

“Credit for Prior Learning is extremely important to the success of adult students,” said Dr. Beth Doyle, Senior Vice President of Initiatives & Solutions at CAEL. “Students who earn CPL are much more likely to graduate and take an average of 17.6 more course credits at the institution. It is a win for students and institutions. CAEL was so pleased to be a part of the vital work the Indiana Commission on Higher Education is doing to make this available to students across the state. We applaud the institutions in Indiana, and there are many, who lead in making Credit for Prior Learning accessible to their students.”

The state CPL model policy guidance aims to increase statewide consistency of values and practices in five key areas including the CPL value statement, program and service design, transcriptions and transferability, standards for assessing CPL, and community, workforce, and employer partnerships. The model policy guidance provides for minimum program standards and supports consistency among Indiana’s higher education institutions.

Each institution’s CPL program and policies can be found on the CHE CPL Clearinghouse website.

Source: Indiana Commission for Higher Education