Sara Tracey, who led efforts to skill up Ohio’s manufacturing workforce, becomes VP

INDIANAPOLIS (January 16, 2024)– A workforce development leader with a decade of experience forging industry-sector partnerships rejoins TPMA today in a newly created leadership position.

Sara Tracey, who worked at TPMA from 2014 to 2020 in a variety of consulting roles, will become TPMA’s first Vice President of National Education and Workforce. In that role, she will leverage her expertise and relationships to grow TPMA’s national clients, with a focus on private-sector businesses who are interested in forging partnerships with education providers and nonprofits to train workers and address talent shortages.

“I’m thrilled for the opportunity to rejoin TPMA and work with clients across the country who are interested in tapping into the power of workforce development to increase their talent supply and give workers the skills they need to thrive,” Tracey said. “I discovered my love for workforce issues at TPMA and am grateful to put that interest into practice with such a wonderful team.”

Tracey, who is based in Akron, Ohio, spent the last three years leading workforce development efforts at the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association (OMA). That role grew out of a strategic planning process she co-led for the organization while at TPMA.

At the manufacturers’ association, she focused on collaborating with industry, education, and association partners to help train Ohio’s manufacturing workforce. When she joined OMA, workforce development was a new focus for the association. During her tenure, she established it as a key part of the organization’s strategy and grew the workforce team to six employees.

In her prior roles at TPMA, Tracey utilized her background in higher education to inform clients’ national workforce development strategies. Returning to TPMA will allow her to work with organizations and governments across the U.S., while also broadening her focus to include industries such as healthcare and technology. She’s eager to engage with key trends in workforce development, including its intersection with childcare, transportation, and housing.

“Sara will be an asset to our team and our clients,” said TPMA CEO Mark Gramelspacher. “Under her leadership, TPMA will build on our track record of success helping clients build and grow a ready workforce – and deepen the bench of organizations we serve.”