Thomas P. Miller and Associates (TPMA) reintroduces its brand identity, positioning, and brand promise—celebrating its 34-year national consulting legacy and positioning the firm to tackle today’s modern workforce and economic development challenges with a fresh perspective.

Moving forward, the consulting firm will now go by its widely known acronym ‘TPMA’. The new identity conveys stability and trust in a purely visual way — representing the team and TPMA services in a single mark.

TPMA’s mark on rural America is significant, especially in Indiana encompassing developing the first economic development plan for the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC), Accelerating Growth; working with Vincennes University to establish the Center for Applied Robotics and Automation by securing an $8 million grant from the Lilly Endowment; and supporting research, planning, and securing funding for the development and growth of the Mount Comfort Corridor in Hancock County.

“We want to celebrate our transformation from a startup to a national consulting firm with this new visual identity. A bright, energetic visual language that is both professional and adaptable” says Tom Miller, Founder and CEO of TPMA.

TPMA consultants thrive as connectors of workforce, economic development, and education by helping states and regions develop a richer understanding of talent constraints, emerging markets, housing, and projected employment needs across occupations that drive our economy.

“Our new logo represents our unique intersection: we give transparent insights to the entire ecosystem and daily we are helping them move forward together,” says Steven Gause, Director of Strategy and Growth Initiatives at TPMA.

The firm remains committed to helping communities in the transition from economic recovery to steady and stable growth in the years ahead. A primary focus is developing future-focused workforce and education strategies and ensuring that regions achieve their economic vision.

“Next year will be our 35th anniversary. Over the years we have developed the capabilities to deliver more value to our customers, and we continue to improve our tools, approaches, and methodologies. We want to give a big thank you to our customers who have stood by our side from day one and continue this journey with us to bring communities informed solutions that create positive, sustainable change,” states Miller.

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