Thomas P. Miller & Associates (TPMA) today announced it has signed on with the City of Yuma, Arizona as their strategic consultant to conduct a Targeted Industry Analysis and Marketing Plan. TPMA is looking forward to the new partnership and thrilled to be leading efforts that will ensure new economic opportunities to help position the city for growth now and in the future.

“To thrive in the modern, competitive economic development arena, communities must be armed with sophisticated analyses and targeted strategies to overcome the challenges of modern economic development. Forward-thinking communities like Yuma know that the key to future economic development and diversification of the region’s industry base lies in a well-researched analysis and a plan of action driven by insight from the community” says Brian Nottingham from TPMA, Strategic Advisor for the project who will be leading research.

The analysis which is already underway will identify a minimum of five (5) industry sector opportunities, including applicable sub-sectors, and will utilize the current economic climate and existing target industries in Yuma as the foundation.

“The City of Yuma is excited about the Targeted Industry Analysis and Marketing Plan. It is our hope that the study will identify new opportunities for the City to consider and explore to further economic development growth in the community” says Acting City Administrator, Jay Simonton.

Building on 30 years of national consulting experience, TPMA brings a unique approach to economic development and community resiliency including placing a high value on economic diversity, quality of place, resource alignment, and overall community vibrancy. The firm’s data analysis is driven by research and community engagement, allowing the team to craft custom, comprehensive strategies to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Located on the far southwestern border of Arizona adjacent to California, the City of Yuma is also 25 miles north of the Mexican border crossing of San Luis, AZ. The City enjoys some of the most senior water rights on the lower Colorado River basin and the county ranks in the top 1 percent of all US counties for agriculture production, especially fruits and vegetables.