2021 Pandemic recovery webinar series

TPMA hosts a pandemic recovery webinar series designed to bring forward applied solutions for practitioners as we strive to get “back to normal.” 

NEXT UP: Organizations are often tasked with doing more with less. Braided funding involves combining two or more sources (or “streams”) of funding to support a program or activity. Braided funding pools multiple funding streams toward one purpose while separately tracking and reporting on each source of funding. Join us as we discuss best practices on utilizing this method to achieve your community goals! See you there!


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At TPMA, one of our passions to share is a wealth of knowledge and expose you to experts in our fields so we can equip your organization with the skills to succeed.

Our dedication is to be change-makers, provide solutions that help create jobs, stimulate economic growth, develop opportunities for communities to thrive, and help non-profits be as impactful as they can be for the areas they serve.

We reflect these goals in the work that we do and now as objectives for our events. We will strive to bring you webinars and other events that will be full of helpful insight, robust solutions, and advice.