2021 – 2022

Comprehensive Local Needs Assessments 

Technical Assistance for Virginia Community College System (VCCS)

clna Resources

We have put together comprehensive tools and resources designed to offer guidance for setting goals for local CLNAs, organizing partners to support preparation of CLNAs,  drafting CLNA reports, and more.  These resources are updated regularly to support your CLNA process!

recorded summer workshops


 Click here to view the recordings of the five CLNA workshops held this summer, and to access the slide decks for each workshop.

One on One Reviews 


Our commitment is to ensure the community colleges are provided with the best information and assistance to complete their CLNA. The purpose of these office hours is to read through each community college’s CLNA, highlight areas where further insights/data might be needed, and provide recommendations on language and data to incorporate. It is the responsibility of the community college to share their CLNA at least two weeks in advance. To schedule a one-on-one review with TPMA, please contact us below.

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Reviewing the CLNA checklist


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October Dates

Tuesday, Oct 5th @ 10am
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Thursday, Oct 28th @ 3pm

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About CLNA

The Virginia Community College System (VCCS) coordinates Perkins V funding, working with 23 community colleges across the Commonwealth. Each community college is responsible for a defined service region and focused on meeting the needs of industry partners and students. CTE Advisory Committees at the community colleges provide insights and recommendations for programming and services.

To receive funding from Perkins V, every eligible recipient must complete a comprehensive local needs assessment (CLNA) on career and technical education (CTE) in their service area every two years as part of their local application. This includes the following components


  • Evaluation of the performance of students served including the performance of special populations.
  • Description of how CTE programs meet the needs of students, aligned with in-demand industries and their occupations
  • Evaluation of progress toward implementation of CTE programs and programs of study
  • Information on how eligible recipients will improve recruitment, retention, and training of faculty, teachers, and specialized instructional support for CTE.
  • Description of progress toward implementation of strategies and programming to support equal access for students from special populations.

About TPMA


Thomas P. Miller and Associates, LLC (TPMA) has been contracted by VCCS to provide technical assistance and ongoing support for community colleges as they prepare their CLNAs for funding applications by March 2022. TPMA is a multi-faceted consulting firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana whose area of expertise is in workforce development, economic development and community resiliency, and research and evaluation. TPMA has partnered with Fleck Education who has several years of experience developing Perkins V State Plans, CLNA processes, and Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs.