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Expertise: Evaluation
Team Member Since: 2019

What attracted you to evaluation?

‚ÄčI have always been interested in community engagement; I love helping to empower others to engage in a way that is meaningful to them and helps them make an impact. Being a part of the evaluation team allowed me the opportunity to approach community engagement utilizing data-informed decision making, which in a lot of ways creates a better supported and holistic way to empower communities and individuals.

What TPMA value means the most to you and why?

Ethics! I think being ethical is the foundation that all the other values build upon.

What inspires you?

I am inspired when other people share what they are passionate about. That could be a project, hobby, or even a tv show but that look people get when they are talking about something they truly love always inspires me.

What aspect of your practice area do you find most rewarding?

Right now I am working on a few different community needs assessments; realizing how unique communities are from each other and helping them tailor their engagement around the needs and wants of their citizens has been impactful. Communities may have similar players but the way they approach different problems is fascinating.

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