Hancock Health

2016 – Present



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Economic Development

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Impact Analysis

Mount Comfort Corridor Development

Project Overview

In 2016, TPMA began working with the Town of Cumberland (5,600 residents), the Town of McCordsville (6,838 residents), and Hancock County (70,000 residents), Indiana to develop a regional vision and create development scenarios for industrial, residential, and commercial growth along Mount Comfort Road – a north-south corridor located just east of Indianapolis, Indiana with excellent access to Interstate 70 (I-70).

TPMA conducted an impact analysis to estimate the total investment, job creation, and the increase to the property and income tax base to the region should these developments take place. The analysis was used to guide planning and build public support for high-impact and transformative projects along the Corridor, including the 140-acre Hancock Health Gateway located at Mount Comfort Road and I-70.

While some attempts have been made to enhance economic development along the Mount Comfort Corridor, disparate planning efforts and vague approval standards for development projects hampered progress.