TPMA has been engaged with Opportunity Zones since its inception of the 2017 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act and has worked with local governments, cities, towns, and regions to assess and implement Opportunity Zone development strategies. We have worked in states such as Indiana, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Idaho. We have developed implementation strategies for over twenty Opportunity Zones that include a range of residential, commercial, and industrial projects. In total, TPMA has identified over $1 Billion in investment opportunities throughout the United States.


Seymour, Indiana is well-positioned for growth. With the future Burkart Blvd. extension, the Opportunity Zone in Seymour is ready for industrial, commercial, and residential development. The development context, as presented, will likely grow and be expanded following the first round of OZ activity.


The City of Aiken is in a prime position for inclusive development. Featuring a region with a growing population, a proven business presence, a variety of existing business-ready locations, and infrastructure that puts a business in the heart of a fluid transportation grid, Aiken is ready to engage. 

The City of Paducah has worked with local stakeholders to carefully craft a deal-flow which includes a variety of potential residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects. Paducah projects are positioned to provide investors with a complete understanding of the development opportunities in the City

Allendale Mixed-Use Investments

Among the opportunities in the City of Allendale are two vacant properties that can be redeveloped to support workforce housing and community programming.


CrossRhodes Industrial Park

The CrossRhodes Industrial Park is a 427-acre, shovel-ready, park in Bamberg County. The park is in an ideal position for industrial or commercial development with its premier access to interstates, airports, and international ports.

Wolf Tract

The Wolf Tract is a 158-acre industrial site that has been positioned well to attract private capital. The site is shovel-ready and is an ideal location for industrial or logistics-related development.

South Carolina Advanced Technology Park (SCAT)

A 1,606-acre industrial site that is prime for manufacturing, logistics, or industrial development. The site is shovel-ready and features a range of attractive features ready to be leveraged with Opportunity Zone funding.

Beaufort Commerce Park

Commerce Park a 196-acre and state-certified Palmetto site. This designation provides investors with assurance of site control, documentation, and due diligence. With proximity to local transportation assets and adjacency to a marine air station, the site provides prime real estate for industrial development.

Colleton Industrial Properties

This opportunity includes the Colleton Industrial Campus and the Colleton Industrial Park. These adjacent sites are both South Carolina Certified Sites and have optimal access to I-95.


Southern Carolina Industrial  Campus

A 1,369-acre campus with premier accessibility to I-95, international ports, airports, and rail lines.


Sherwood Industrial Park

A 1,388-acre industrial park offering a variety of amenities. The site is shovel-ready, offers accessibility to I-95, adjacent to a CSX rail spur, and near the Ports of Charleston and Savanah. This site is ideal for new industrial and commercial development.

The “Deal Flow” projects depicted in the Elkhart OZ Prospectus (first edition) represent priorities identified by the community and its leadership. It is our desire to work closely, and in some cases partner, with OZ Investors in ensuring successful outcomes. The public investment identified in each of the projects is subject to a full understanding of each project, its objectives, and what is needed for success. Elkhart’s leadership looks forward to engaging with OZ funds to perform the due diligence that is necessary to realize successful implementation of these and future developments.

The “Deal Flow” projects in the Richmond Opportunity Zone Prospectus (first edition), represent priorities identified by the community and its leadership. It is their desire to work closely, and in the right circumstances, partner with investors to ensure successful outcomes. The public/institutional investment identified in each project is subject to a full understanding of each project, its objectives, and what is needed for success.