Job Posting

Job Posting

Practice area lead (INTERNAL)



Job Description

Thomas P. Miller & Associates (TPMA) is introducing an annual Practice Area Lead (PAL) program that will serve as a chance for the firm to recognize strong and impressive performers while also providing a self-development opportunity to those who choose to participate. Through their expertise, successful Practice Area Leads will lead the firm in professional development, training, and industry efforts specific to their appointed practice area. Through TPMA’s source of nationally recognized Subject Matter Expert’s, this new program will provide an opportunity for all staff members to learn and benefit from the experts currently retained within our own team. Utilizing internal Subject Matter Experts will allow the PALs to create programmatic structures and training opportunities around the key functional areas of the firm. Additionally, the PAL team will be an outlet for growth and professional development as participants engage in meaningful mentorship and project support. PALs will partner with internal team members for professional development coordination while demonstrating expertise in a dedicated practice area within the firm such as Workforce, Education, Community, and/or Economic Development. The Firm will open and announce practice areas on a yearly basis to ensure the firm is staying on ahead of trends, needs, and funding.

Job Responsibilities

(include by not limited to)
  • Must present a plan in December for the upcoming year that encompasses the planned steps and internal action items proposed to make the year a success within the designated practice area for the upcoming year.
  • Identifies upcoming, potential conferences and/or webinars to attend
  • Coordinates with SMEs to guide the internal team as thought leaders in the area
  • Serves as a lead and point of contact for their practice area
  • Works in conjunction with firm leadership as needed
  • Dedicates time and commitment (as outlined in their plan) to the compilation of a comprehensive plan that includes quality resources and professional development goals
  • Develop and cultivate team relationships
  • Complete work in accordance and alignment with firm mission and KPIs
  • Travel within U.S. may be required

Success Criteria

  • Currently employed by TPMA
  • The assimilation, completion, and presentation of a strong plan that directly meets the objectives of the program 
  • Monthly digital report required to be delivered to designated firm leadership


Salary and Benefits

As a newly implemented program, there may be changes to come in the PAL offerings. Role titles of the applicants to the PAL program will remain the same as the PAL title will not replace any current job titles. The program provides an internal self-development opportunity that will supplement the participant’s current role. Furthermore, there is no pay differential as PALs will earn $200 a month in the form of a stipend or bonus to compensate them in turn for their time committed towards a comprehensive plan of useful resources and professional development opportunities.

TPMA does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability or any other characteristic protected by law.