At TPMA, we create realistic steps that drive immediate action. Incorporating your goals into our strategic planning process, we advocate for your priorities in order to make a measurable impact-now. Understanding the need for effective results, our proven strategic method sets practical and manageable goals. As your community looks to you for collective progress, we hold ourselves accountable to deliver reliable data, an open and ongoing dialogue, and the strategies that deliver results. We are more than your partner; we are your advocate.

Trusted Strategic Planning

Through ACTIION, our strategic planning process keeps your priorities at the forefront of our collaboration. Through this partnership, you will benefit from:

  • Collectively established expectations
  • Bi-monthly check-ins
  • Site visits
  • Comparative analysis to find commonalities and harness lessons from other regions
  • SWOT analysis to identify challenges and determine how to overcome them
  • Stakeholder focus groups to define emerging trends
  • Interactive strategic plan presentation

The voice of your community is heard at TPMA. Because every community is unique – the stakeholders are unique. Our proprietary method elevates stakeholder outreach through V.O.I.C.E. by Virtually Optimizing Interactive Client Engagement. Our hybrid approach integrates in-person and virtual components through engagement sessions like focus groups, digital surveys, and community workshops. We create the atmosphere that works best for you.

Our flexibility fosters an open and consistent dialogue, as we are accessible during every step of our collaboration. No matter where you are, we provide an improved client experience. We know that building trust and communicating the nuances specific to the community culture are key to generating useful feedback.

Collaboration Is Key

We approach all projects as a true partner from the beginning. We value your input, which is why we collaborate to set realistic expectations upfront. We then align with your vision to create and facilitate our relationship with you. As we work toward your vision, we take current events into account and address any alterations needed along the way. Through every step of the process, we are here to design, develop, evaluate, and implement effective programs to help your community thrive.

Digestible, accessible, and relevant, we capture the data that helps your community make more informed decisions. Our team uncovers quantitative insights, which are dynamically represented through exciting visuals for a more enjoyable experience. Our high-level analysis helps determine precisely how this knowledge can benefit your community. We are the partner who can hone in on the data that drives effective decision-making. You’ll feel informed and included as we dive into data with you, advocating for your priorities as we uncover growth opportunities.

With TPMA, you’ll benefit from:

  • A review of the historical and current efforts of your area
  • Secondary research to obtain lessons from similar communities
  • Retail gap analysis to determine your area’s capacity and potential for growth opportunities
  • SWOT analysis to help quantify the scale of current business and economic challenges
  • Interactive sessions to collaborate about the data and set reasonable expectations to address challenges and drive change