H-1B Workforce Grants – due November 12

The purpose of this grant program is to fill critical shortages in economic regions by encouraging states and economic regions to work with industry stakeholders to develop dynamic workforce strategies that train workers and jobseekers for middle- to high-skilled H-1B occupations in key industry sectors. These grants will build proof of concepts of innovative training models that can be replicated by the broader workforce system. Applicants must build support for a common vision for responding to the workforce challenges within their state and economic regions, ensuring that their projects complement and leverage, but do not duplicate existing programs.

H-1B Rural Healthcare Grant Program – due November 13

The intent of this grant program is to alleviate healthcare workforce shortages by creating sustainable employment and training programs in healthcare occupations (including behavioral and mental healthcare) serving rural populations.  Eligible grant leads will include: Healthcare employers, and healthcare industry and/or occupation associations; Nonprofit healthcare organizations affiliated with hospitals and other medical facilities; Organizations designated as “Primary Care Associations” by Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA); Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) State and Local WDBs, under Sections 101 and 107 of WIOA (29 U.S.C. 3111 and 3122); Indian/Native American Tribal Government (federally recognized); and Native American Program entities eligible for funding under Section 166 of WIOA (29 U.S.C. 3221).

Community Connect Broadband Grant – due December 23

The Community Connect provides financial assistance to eligible applicants that will provide broadband service in rural, economically-challenged communities where service does not exist.

RESTORE Act Direct Component – due December 31

For the Gulf Coast region only.  Eligible non-construction opportunities include planning and administrative costs, natural resource and infrastructure, and related job creation to preserve environmental services.

Racial Justice Grants (various)

State and national grants for programs that increase social equity

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