At TPMA, we are committed to hiring and nurturing a diverse group of leaders. We offer services that support organizations in becoming more diverse, equitable, inclusive representative of their communities.

Building on 30 years of national workforce and economic development experience, TPMA can design comprehensive DEI initiatives that optimize processes and build cultures that empower diverse employees and the people they serve.

We develop strategic DEI plans, review and revamp organizational policies and programs, facilitate workshops and training, and advise executive leadership on increasing cultural competence among staff and stakeholders.

We bridge essential DEI, culture, training, and implementation strategies using a customized, data-driven approach to support organizations of all sizes moving towards a workplace that reflects the innovative potential and understands implicit bias.


DEI Training

Our team creates a curriculum centered around justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) to meet your specific training needs, that discuss the dismantling of barriers. These resources allow everyone to have access to the same opportunities, embracing diversity and creating a culture of inclusivity. 

Policy Review

Allows our team to ensure that your organization’s policies are effective and consistent to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Strategic Planning

We will create a strategic plan to meet your diversity, equity, and inclusion needs defining your organization’s allocation of resources, priorities, and suggested steps.

DEI Implementation

Our team will work with you to set a foundation for diversity, equity, and inclusion, implementing action steps to accomplish your organizational objectives and goals. 

Research, Evaluation, and Equity Study

We utilize our expertise in research and evaluation to develop studies that will help your organization create policies that foster equality and environmental justice. 



Equity means that everyone gets what they need to truly thrive and achieve what they want to in life, ensuring that no aspect of identity or experience limits a person’s human rights and opportunities.