At TPMA, we believe our clients are like light and we are the prism. You have problems, or you see opportunities and ideas, and TPMA refracts your light onto a surface in infinite ways. As the prism can be shifted, TPMA shifts to help you. 

As we’ve talked with clients across the country since mid-March, we have heard recurring needs for assistance. The services below are our attempt to capture what we’ve heard you need. We don’t intend to tell you what you already know. Instead, we will do what we’ve always done—help talent and economic ecosystems thrive in very actionable ways at national, state, regional, and local levels. 

We don’t claim to be prophets or futurists. We are, however, realists, and COVID-19 is accelerating the future. We are looking at the facts as they develop and enabling you to thrive in this new era.


Rapid Recovery Planning

TPMA have developed a rapid recovery approach to help communities, institutions, and business networks recover from the pandemic. TPMA will confer with state entities representing higher ed, workforce development, and economic development partners to curate a vision for how to emerge from the pandemic.  

By focusing on the nearest 2-3 weeks, TPMA will assess and address immediate issues (unemployment insurance claims, healthcare system strains and workforce challenges, etc.) and help chart the best course forward through an immediate action plan. Our focus will be to develop a framework that prioritizes workforce and economic development while allocating federal aid funds as they are distributed. 

Small Business Assistance

Our team has kept diligent watch over emerging assistance programs for small business and their eligibility requirements. We are prepared to help businesses access available loans and grants at the state, federal, private and public levels.  

For small business support organizations, our team can help assess businesses that may be at high risk of closure or downsizing due to the current crisis. We can offer support directly to those businesses, connecting them with resources and technical assistance as is feasible. 

Support for Grant Applications

We know that there are many competitive grant opportunities available, and timeliness is key. TPMA can help organizations secure federal and state resources, including funding from the USDA and Economic Development Administration.  We continue to monitor grant programs and guidelines as they are released to assist private and public companies to complete applications and acquire resources. 

Online Training Organization + Deployment

The education and training ecosystem is changing – quickly. As an industry expert in workforce development, TPMA interfaces with national thought leaders in online training programs. We understand the need for immediate adaptation and have partners with cost-effective solutions to build customized, responsive tools.  

Additionally, we understand the challenges associated with programming requiring the use of external equipment and tools. Our partners who offer strong, flexible programming have transitioned to virtual education platforms, including STEM training, career and technical education, and community colleges.

Business Retention Growth

In a COVID world, economic developers need to understand the pandemic’s impacts on their business community and business environment. National trends in job loss and unemployment have highlighted the massive scale of these interruptions.

However, impacts vary across communities due to various factors, including region, size, economic drivers, business types, and more. The businesses most in need of assistance will be Viable and Vital yet Vulnerable (VVV).

TPMA offers solutions for economic developers, state and local government officials that identify resources and services that can strengthen growth in areas where recovery is needed the most.


For more information about funding resources or how we can help you navigate your recovery, contact us now.

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