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$3 Billion in Funding Available Through EDA

Six unique programs were announced recently, collectively called Investing in America’s Communities, and applications were opened immediately. What does this mean for you? The Economic Development Administration (EDA) investment is the largest economic development initiative from the Department of Commerce in decades and if utilized, can help your community #buildbackbetter than ever. Here’s how our experts can support:

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There are countless ways TPMA experts can help you leverage funding and #BuildBackBetter than ever. Our unique approach to economic development and community resiliency includes placing a high value on economic diversity, quality of place, resource alignment, and overall community vibrancy. We use proven strategies to help communities adapt to changes in the economy or environment. With a long history in workforce development, we understand that a robust workforce is critical fuel for a thriving economy. As the needs of businesses grow and evolve, a strong talent pipeline and ecosystem of collaborative partners are of the utmost importance.

Economic Research + Strategy Support

Economic Development Strategic Planning, Rural Economic Development Plans and Strategies, Community Engagement, Community Resiliency & Diversification Studies, Economic & Fiscal Impact Analysis, Economic and Market Research, Targeted Industry & Labor Market Analysis, Small Business & Entrepreneurial Assessments, Housing Needs Assessments & Affordable Housing Strategies, Preparation of Local & Regional Wage and Benefits Surveys, Opportunity Zone Prospectus Development & Investor Engagement Strategies, Grant Management including Compliance and Monitoring Activities, Procurement Services including Developing RFPs and Managing Selection Processes, Multi-Year Evaluations of Federal and Foundation Grants, Needs Assessments for Community Organizations, Regional & Statewide Asset Maps of Key Resources, Training and Staff Development, and Process Mapping to Strengthen Delivery of Services

Workforce Strategy + Talent Support

State of the Workforce Studies, Workforce Development Strategic Planning and Visioning, Industry-Driven Career Pathways, Coalition Building, Design & Launch of Sector Partnerships + Work-based Learning Programs including Apprenticeships, Strategic Approaches to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in Workforce Development, Workforce Development Board Strategic Planning, Career and Technical Education (CTE) Planning and Strategic Assistance, Talent Attraction Program Development, Training for Business Services Professionals, Updating WIOA Title I Policies and Procedures, One-Stop Operations Performance, Grant Management including Compliance and Monitoring Activities, Procurement Services including Developing RFPs and Managing Selection Processes, Process Mapping to Strengthen Delivery of Services, Needs Assessments for Community Organizations, and Regional & Statewide Asset Maps of Key Resources 

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We translate data into action.

TPMA does this by providing our clients with the ability to link workforce, economic, and community development research and planning efforts. We incorporate tangible strategies with performance metrics and identify resources for implementation, sustainability, and growth. 


We empower organizations and communities to reach their goals through strategic partnerships that create positive, sustainable change.


A world that thinks strategically, works collaboratively, and acts sustainably.


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