2022 Year in Review

Thanks to our incredible team, partners + clients for an amazing year!


2022 | The Shift from Economic Recovery

Our efforts for 2022 centered on supporting communities across the country in the transition from economic recovery to steady and stable growth in the years ahead.  We achieved this by:

Digging into Data

This involved staying on top of emerging trends and identifying critical economic and workforce challenges

Being Solutions Oriented

Engaging in the “challenges” conversation was only step 1, more importantly; we aimed to design the right solutions


We didn’t work in silos. All year, we worked collaboratively with our clients and partners on immediate and long term next steps

In 2022, TPMA was Recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor

In 2022 we received recognition as an Apprenticeship Ambassador by the United States Department of Labor, a distinction presented for promoting, expanding, and diversifying Registered Apprenticeships and with regard to our lead role in strengthening America’s workforce.

2022 In Numbers 

In 2022 TPMA experts lead the way nationally by developing solutions that are actionable, long term, yet adaptable. Every day, we are helping states and regions develop a richer understanding of talent constraints, emerging markets, housing, the impact of the digital revolution, and projected employment needs across occupations that drive our economy. 

Number of new projects

States we worked in

Approximate number of stakeholders engaged

Funding secured for clients and partners

Full time staff

Community service and professional development hours

New hires

Staff promotions

Future Focused Workforce + Education Strategies

Our workforce and education consultants are future focused. In 2022, we worked hand in hand with clients and partners to help communities avoid skills instability and prepare for the proficiency that will be required tomorrow.

Regional Economic Prosperity: CEDS + Housing

A top priority of TPMA is to help regions realize their economic vision and take control of their economic future. In 2022, we performed more than a dozen housing and comprehensive economic development strategies for our clients. 


Elevating Equity in Every Scope

In 2022 we kept equity and community impact at the core of our strategies and planning efforts. To name a few:

  • We created DEI assessment tools for organizations
  • Advanced national awareness of custom workforce training solutions for incarcerated populations
  • Created playbooks for returning citizens—a critical piece in reducing recidivism
  • Tackled digital equity by performing digital literacy asset mapping and supporting the roll out of fiber networks that will bring high-speed internet to low-income neighborhoods at a net zero cost.

Top TPMA Projects with the Highest Impact of 2022

WIOA New Hampshire Statewide Workforce Assessment

Talent Pipelining in North East Ohio with JobsOhio

Northglenn Colorado Housing Needs Assessment and Policy Development

Market Analysis for Oregon Emerging Industries, Cannabis, Agriculture & Products

Vermont Agency of Education Adult Ed and Training System Study

State of Delaware Black + Brown Entreprenuer Analysis

Message from Our CEO, Tom Miller

Our work doesn’t just enrich our own lives, but it enriches our communities and our customers. Check out a video message from our founder and CEO. 

Looking Ahead: How Can We Collaborate in 2023?

As you plan for 2023, tell us how we can help solve your toughest challenges. TPMA’s mission is to empower organizations and communities through strategic partnerships and informed solutions that create positive, sustainable change. Everyday, we are expanding our capacity to manifest this mission on your behalf. Our team is prepared to analyze market conditions, design workforce and community strategies, and unite stakeholders on your planning projects.

Tom Miller
President & CEO

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Senior Director

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Senior Director

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