National Best Practices Scan: Economic Development

TPMA developed a best practices scan of successful and innovative economic development programs and policies across the country to provide Oklahoma policy-makers with a road map for the next step of that state’s aggressive economic comeback.

The report identifies and catalogues successful and innovative practices within four areas of economic development:

  • Programs and Initiatives
  • Organizational Structure
  • Engagement
  • Workforce and Talent

Commissioned by The State Chamber Research Foundation, Oklahoma Business Roundtable and Oklahoma Department of Commerce, the best practices scan has served as a platform from which the State of Oklahoma can build upon to develop successful strategies and initiatives. “There’s no question that today’s political and fiscal environment has forced all government programs to operate more strategically and efficiently,” said Gov. Mary Fallin. “In the case of the state’s economic development programs, we must have a laser-like focus on targeted strategies, efficient use of resources and measurable return on investment. To best develop these strategies, we can look nationally to see what is working, what is successful and what we might consider implementing in Oklahoma. The ‘National Best Practices Scan’ provides businesses and policy makers with an up-to-date catalog of successful practices, policies, and organizational structures from across the country. My thanks go out to all of those who worked to put this important document together.”

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