Northern Kentucky Workforce Investment Board

The Northern Kentucky Workforce Investment Board (NKWIB) made a strong commitment to strengthen its Business Services Team utilizing a series of customized training sessions for its One-Stop staff. TPMA developed a series of training sessions that were informative, interactive, and results-oriented.

The four-hour sessions focused on four topics:

  • Trend/Environment Analysis
  • Art of Collaboration
  • Customer Focus
  • Marketing/Public Relations

Two key dynamics of the TPMA approach stand out. First, prior to each training session, participants were sent a short survey of questions relevant to the topic and were given an opportunity to submit questions and feedback about items and topics they were interested in discussing. Follow up feedback and evaluation was solicited after each session to promote ongoing interaction with the One Stop staff and to use their experiences to create customized trainings relevant to their day-to-day work.

TPMA designed the curriculum specific to the needs and goals of NKWIB, customizing topics based upon the guidance from the NKWIB, coupled with knowledge of the Kentucky One Stop Certification Initiative standards and measures, the Kentucky Workforce Investment Board (KWIB) Business Services Redesign and other KWIB business-services related initiatives. TPMA incorporated a variety of role-playing exercises into the training sessions. Small groups worked collaboratively on specific scenarios and made presentations to the larger group for review.

Secondly, in a unique approach to professional development, TPMA blended the staff training sessions with a process that created Business Services tools and protocols throughout the length of the project. This approach enabled One Stop staff to apply concepts from the training directly to the design of a Business Services delivery system. Importantly, the process “empowered” the team and facilitated the “buy-in” as the staff essentially created the procedures and tools that ultimately guides their work.

The goal of this approach is to equip the Business Services Team with the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to provide excellent Business Services while also positioning the NKWIB well as it strives to attain national- and state-recognized certification standards and be a leader in providing business services.

This two-pronged process resulted in staff members hitting the ground running as they rolled out their new approach to provide new and vastly improved employer services.

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