Michigan Works! Kent & Allegan Counties

In September 2012, TPMA began a process to create a three-year strategic plan and demand-driven business services strategy for Michigan Works! Kent and Allegan Counties, through a contract with the Area Community Services Employment and Training Council (ACSET). The plan will guide the ACSET Workforce Development Board (WDB) in selecting targeted activities to address local employer needs and develop a demand-driven workforce system.

In developing this plan, TPMA aligned strategy development with the Michigan Industry Cluster Approach (MICA) guidelines and readiness index, in a process that included evaluation of the region’s existing efforts, partnership opportunities, and industry priorities. In addition, the team has researched best practices in employer-driven systems of other WDBs around the United States; facilitated WDB, staff, community stakeholder, and workforce partner focus groups; and worked extensively with the WDB and ACSET staff to identify outcomes and establish action steps for plan implementation.

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