Mahoning Valley Manufacturers Coalition

Coalition Development and Strategic Facilitation and Planning Manufacturers in the Mahoning Valley region of Ohio came together in the Fall of 2011 to establish the Mahoning Valley Manufacturers Coalition (MVMC) to address workforce and training issues in the Youngstown area and help meet the growing skilled workforce needs of its member organizations.

Like manufacturing regions across the country, member organizations of the MVMC are faced with a unique workforce challenge: despite high unemployment levels, employers are unable to find the skilled talent to fuel their expansion as the manufacturing sector recovers. In addition, the growth of the region’s oil and gas industries—due to proximity to the Marcellus and Utica Shale fields—have exacerbated the area’s workforce shortages.

The Coalition also needed to confront the fact that manufacturing career pathways did not exist in the region, job candidates often lacked hands-on, real world experience, and that various assessments and credentials had no currency in the region among employers. A related issue the Coalition needed to address was shortages in the talent pipeline due to misperceptions about manufacturing.

TPMA provided the coalition with senior level professionals who managed every aspect of the project’s implementation: overall strategic advice and counsel, governance support, facilitation of meetings and discussions, research, grant writing assistance, and media relations.

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