Funding Strategies

Organizations, communities and initiatives face constant challenges in securing new funding. To overcome these challenges, TPMA assists clients in both finding and pursuing funding opportunities. We identify federal, state and foundation support that can help sustain existing initiatives or make new plans and future successes a reality. We have an extremely successful track record in grant writing. TPMA has been able to secure over $237 million in grant funds for clients-from a variety of federal, state, local, and private sources.


Grant Strategy and Resource Identification

Strategic Assessments

We assess the current processes of an organization to identify the strengths, needs, and priorities for fund development and grant staff to focus on as they conduct grant research and pursue funding opportunities.   Our assessments help organization staff focus on the opportunities that are the best fit.

Research & Data

We offer two types of research specific to funding strategies.  The first is ongoing grant research to identify funding opportunities that are recently released and are expected to be released.  The second type is research to support a grant proposal.  Our research identifies information to support the statement of need, comparable projects, and best practices.

Concept Development

Maybe your organization has identified a need, but hasn’t determined the best way to address that need.  Our staff can assist your organization in identifying current resources and identify the best solutions to meet identified needs.


Are you bringing together multiple partners to pursue a funding source?  When you get that many competing interests in one room things can get off track quickly.  We can keep your conversations focused and identify strategies that engage partners and secure their commitment.

Strategic Partnerships

Investing in strategic partnership makes sense and it has increasingly become a top priority for funders.  We can help you identify the best partnerships for your project and then assist you in making the approaches.

Grant Writing

Our firm has won over $237 million dollars in grant funding for our clients.  We excel at submitting proposals that funders want to fund.


Do you have a grant writer or a team of capable individuals that need a little guidance through a new grant opportunity?  We can coach your staff and help them build the skills they will need to approach the next opportunity on their own.


When it comes to grant writing, everyone needs a second set of eyes.  Let us lend you our experience by reviewing and editing the grant proposal written by you or your staff.  Our feedback focuses on the proposal’s adherence to funder requirements, the appropriateness of the research presented, whether or not the need is compelling, the logic of the project design, and the quality of the outcomes.


Our staff has first-hand experience in implementing complex federal and state programs.  We know what it takes to successfully launch a program and accurately capture reportable data to ensure you communicate success.

Evaluation Plans & Reporting

We can draft the evaluation plan section of your grant proposal.  We also offer a wide range of evaluation services.

“TPMA kept our team focused on the project and on track throughout the grant proposal writing process. Their experience and expertise ultimately helped us craft a winning proposal that will improve educational opportunities for veterans and dislocated workers for years to come.”

Sheanna SpenceMountwest Community & Technical College