Strategic Management Services


In addition to our research and planning capabilities, TPMA supports the implementation of strategies and initiatives through both short-term and long-term relationships. Our team serves as contracted executive staff for new entities, provides interim staff support for clients during major organizational transitions, and also assists with the procurement of qualified consultants and partners.


Our team includes seasoned practitioners from economic development, education, and workforce development who can provide leadership to your organization or project. TPMA offers interim staff support for clients during major organizational transitions and can also serve as transitional project staff during the early phases of implementation.


Effective procurement and contract management can greatly impact the success of a project, service provider, or technology solution. In our years running workforce systems and economic development organizations, we’ve been successful in developing transparent procurement processes and contracts that further the organization’s strategic priorities. TPMA offers clients comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP) development services including designing a meaningful statement of work, identifying qualifications sought, and developing an evaluation plan and scoring criteria.

Additionally, we provide clients with a single point-of-contact for contract management. Whether it is a multi-vendor contract or a single contractor, TPMA offers clients the ability to focus on the outcomes of a project while we ensure the contract is being faithfully and wholly executed.


TPMA has helped to launch new organizations, grow small initiatives, and assist organizations that may find themselves undergoing a Board or leadership. By focusing on the mission and vision of the organization or new initiative, TPMA provides clients with recommendations on how to most effectively organize for success. We offer unbiased data and information gathering, research into effective models throughout the country, and objective guidance on how to leverage available assets for long-term implementation.

“TPMA has helped us immensely in defining the right connect points to bring the power of the Monster technology and database to their customers and colleagues in the economic development and workforce development systems. They clearly understand the needs of their customers and are able to translate those needs to us, enabling Monster to provide precise and customized customer solutions. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, they have also been invaluable to us in a project management role.”

Lee RamsayerFormer VP, Sales & Partners, Monster Worldwide

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