Board planning and visioning sessions. Can we help?

Our Organizational and Community Development team continues to work on a variety of new and exciting projects, helping the not-for-profit community work more efficiently and effectively and with renewed inspiration and passion.

Our team recently has undertaken projects with two non-profit organizations, each focused on helping board members with planning for their future.

In our home state of Indiana we will be helping board members of Launch Terre Haute with a planning session. Launch Terre Haute is an open and collaborative workspace for freelancers, independents, and start-ups.  Their goal is to create and encourage an environment of open collaboration, and work with other similar groups to foster a state wide effort of entrepreneurism and innovation.

And in the state of Oregon, TPMA will similarly work with board members of Oregon Make A Wish in a one time “board passion and vision alignment session” that will connect each board member’s life experiences and passions with their roles as Make a Wish board members. The one day session will take place next month.

Is your board In need of a strategic-driven session that will serve to inspire, connect and engage your board members?  TPMA’s Organizational and Community Development team works with many different non-profit and quasi-governmental organizations on strategic and organizational planning. Central to our planning approach is a belief that organizational values, vision, and mission drive the culture and strategy of an organization.  For more information, contact John Carreon, Executive Vice President at 317/504-0636 or