Thomas (Tom) P. Miller President and CEO

Nicole Dunn Chief Operating Officer

John Carreon Executive Vice President

Molly Chamberlin, Ph.D. Executive Vice President

Tom West, AICP Senior Vice President

Mary Anne Sloan Vice President

Larry Hopkins Vice President

Nate Klinck Vice President

Maggie Stevens Vice President

Jacqui Mieksztyn Director of Business Strategy

Brian Points Director of Research

Jonathan Faris Director of Business Development

John Taylor Director of Economic Development

Aryn Schounce Director of Organizational and Community Development

Tony Waterson Director of Workforce Development

Abigail (Abby) Kelly-Smith Director of Evaluation

Kenya Bennett Director of Operations

Kristen Barry Assistant Director

Emily Krauser Assistant Director

Holly Brauneller Assistant Director

Vicki Thompson Assistant Director

Laura Naughton Assistant Director

Diana Barrett Assistant Director

Marcie Klaunig Assistant Director

Dustin Lester Assistant Director of Economic Development

Andrew Carty Assistant Director of Economic Development

Jessica Borza Strategic Advisor

Sara Tracey Senior Specialist

Aletha Dunston Economic Development Specialist

Brittany Dougherty Senior Project Consultant

Jeff Vedders Senior Project Consultant

Brenda Vogley Senior Project Consultant

Kelly Karbowicz Riley Senior Project Consultant

Kaley Schoeph Senior Project Consultant

Andrew Crecelius Senior Project Consultant

Jennifer Bellville Evaluation Specialist

Emily Zagar Project Operations Specialist

Gina Mosier Impact Methods & Analysis Specialist

Poulomi Dasgupta Economic Analyst

Sue Watson Project Coordinator

Megan Wagner-Ingram Project Consultant

Aimee Wilkinson Project Consultant

Kristopher Subler Project Consultant

Josh Moore Project Consultant

Ashley Miller Project Consultant

Spenser Rohler Project Consultant

Joseph Finke Project Consultant

Candice Rider Project Associate

Chris Holcomb Project Associate

Jack Woods Project Associate

Jacob Miller Project Associate

Brittany Hicks Project Associate

Alexia Maggos Project Associate

Roxanne Bohach Project Associate

Ashlee Fujawa Marketing & Communications Manager

Kortney Petry Business Development Associate

Diane Dartis Human Resources Manager