Healthcare Services

At TPMA, we are expert facilitators of collective impact, using data and stakeholder input to drive strategy, action, and change across sectors. In recent years, the healthcare delivery sector has evolved significantly due to demographics and significant regulatory and policy changes, necessitating changes in the way providers and organizations deliver patient care and communities use data and intelligence to drive population health improvement. We are expanding our strategic planning and systems alignment work to serve healthcare sector stakeholders in higher education, state and local government, and within healthcare delivery systems. We can equip clients to respond to strategic, operational, regulatory, and financial challenges and help develop high-reliability organizations.

Our Services

For state and local government entities, communities, hospitals and healthcare systems, and institutions of higher education

  • Health needs assessments , strategic planning, and implementation assistance
  • Strategic partnership facilitation and resource development to drive better public health and patient outcomes and improve organizational effectiveness
  • Alignment of higher education programs to workforce needs for healthcare occupations

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