Mission, Vision, and Values

As our world and company evolve around us, we recognize the importance of adapting.  At TPMA, our objective is to act as a change agent and facilitate a transition to a more sustainable, collaborative future. To do this, we bring a pragmatic and holistic approach to our project work, guiding our clients in developing actionable plans to promote continuous economic prosperity. Internally, we strive every day to create a supportive, collaborative work environment that encourages professional growth and transformation. We regard our mission, vision, and values as the compass that guide our operations, project work, and, ultimately, growth.


Our Mission

We empower organizations and communities through strategic partnerships and informed solutions that create positive, sustainable change.


Our Vision

A world that thinks strategically, works collaboratively, and acts sustainably.


Our Values

High Quality

To hold ourselves to a high standard of original results in every client engagement, in all business development practices and among all internal processes.


To recognize the importance of collaboration and team work to capitalize on the strengths of our colleagues and our clients.


To approach every activity with an entrepreneurial spirit characterized by innovation and thoughtful risk-taking.

Community Impact

To strive for the highest level of holistic solutions for our clients resulting in systemic and sustainable impact in their communities and citizens.


We strive to understand, respect, and encourage each other for the purpose of establishing a culture of trust and personal and professional growth as members of the TPMA team.


To live out the value of honest and open communications and interactions that will lead to consistent personal behaviors among each TPMA team member.